Signs That Your Elderly Relative Would Benefit From Home Care

It can be very difficult to know when an elderly relative would benefit from some additional support at home, especially if they continually tell you that they’re fine when you offer them assistance. However, when it comes to home care services, earlier intervention helps people to stay healthier and happier for longer, so you shouldn’t wait too long to put professional support in place for your loved one. 


Thankfully, there are a few signs that you can look out for when you’re trying to decide whether home care is beneficial for your elderly relative and keeping an eye out for these will help you to ensure that you’re implementing care services at the right time. So, as your relative starts to get older and you’re concerned about them living independently at home, make sure that you’re looking out for the following signs; 


They find it difficult to get around their home 


As people get older, it isn’t uncommon for them to find it more difficult to walk and many become unstable on their feet. If you notice that your loved one is starting to struggle to move from one room to another, it is likely that they will benefit from some home care services. Having a paid carer visit them will help to ensure that they’re never going without anything they need because they’re unable to quickly and easily get around their own home. 


They don’t go out by themselves anymore 


Lots of elderly people have to stop driving and when this happens, they often no longer go out by themselves. When your loved one spends the majority of their time at home, home care services like companionship care will be really beneficial for them. A carer spending some time with them at home or helping them continue with hobbies in the community can help to prevent loneliness which is incredibly important to their health and wellbeing. 


They are starting to struggle with their daily routine


Even the simplest of tasks can start to become difficult as people get older and when your loved one starts to lose pride in their appearance, they might benefit from home care. Often, changes in things like personal hygiene and weight are caused by a person’s inability to carry out their daily routine, and personal care services can help them with this. A home carer will be able to assist with a huge range of tasks from washing and dressing to shopping and cooking. 


They can’t keep their home clean and tidy 


As elderly people start to become less confident in their ability, they tend to stop carrying out basic household cleaning and a messy home is a sign that your loved one would find home care beneficial. There are a number of reasons why it is essential for your elderly relative to live in a tidy home and having clutter around the house can easily lead to trips and falls. Having a private carer assist with basic household chores is more important than people realise. 


They are missing important appointments 


It is fairly common for people to struggle to remember things as they get older and whilst it may seem harmless, forgetting about things like doctors appointments can be problematic. So, if you notice that your loved one is suffering from memory loss or confusion, they will probably benefit from home care. In addition to helping with appointments, a carer can also ensure that your elderly relative is remembering to take any required medication too. 


Finding private home care providers in the UK


Ultimately, any of the signs mentioned above is a clear indication that your elderly relative would benefit from home care and even if they try to convince you that they don’t need any help, some support will have a really positive impact on their day to day life. So, try to start discussing home care with your loved one and ensure that they’re aware of just how advantageous the services offered by private home care providers will be. 


When it comes to finding private home care providers in the UK for your elderly relative, there is no denying that the array of different local providers can be overwhelming. Here at Care Captains, we can help you to navigate the options available to you and ensure that you’re choosing a care provider that you can rely on. We work with many private home care providers across the UK and we will find you a care company that is committed to providing high-quality care services. Explore our website today to find out more about how we can help. 

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