Care Costs

Care Costs

At Care Captains, we work to help people who have a lifetime of making many right decisions. It could be after having worked and saved hard, raising a family, paying off the mortgage, enjoying a well earnt retirement that care may be required for some.

Often, when seeking some support for themselves or a loved one, the first port of call is their local council.

However, as recorded in a recent study, 72% of those who contacted their local council did not receive long term support*.

Senior father in wheelchair and young son on a walk.
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It may be that their health needs were not viewed as being significant enough. With finite budgets, many councils now only offer support to those whose health needs are assessed as being critical.

A further reason may have been financial. Those with assets over £23,000 (which can include property owned) would be expected to fund their own care.

Care Captains has been established to offer people the opportunity to make another right decision so we can offer guidance and support to those in the majority – who have a need for care and are self-funding.

Those looking to self-fund their own care can expect a price range of £20 – £30 per hour.

We will use our collective buying power to negotiate with trusted providers to reduce care costs as much as possible.

The cost of our management service is typically £12 per week, with it only being slightly higher for complex care packages. We are confident that the savings we will achieve on your behalf will be considerably more than this weekly service cost.

Health visitor and a senior woman during home visit. A nurse talking to an elderly woman in an wheelchair.
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We will work with you to stretch your budget as far as it can go. We will advise on the benefits of low level, preventative care to prevent falls, for instance.

With the cost of an effective homecare package being far less than that of a residential care home, we design care plans that enable people to stay happier, healthier and safer in their own homes for as long as they wish.

*The King’s Fund (2019) Key Facts and Figures about Adult Social Care

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