Common Home Care Services Required On A Regular Basis

Contrary to popular belief, as people get older, a care home or supported living is not the only option available. Due to the fact that the vast majority of elderly people would prefer to stay in their own home, it is becoming increasingly common for them to turn to home care services and these are incredibly sought-after these days. However, when remaining in their comfortable surroundings, it is essential to ensure that the right home care plan is followed. 

As you may expect, different elderly people require different amounts of support and not everyone will require the same home care services on a regular basis. That being said, even when implementing an enabling approach to care delivery, which is always recommended, many will still arrange for similar care and support services for their elderly loved ones. If you’re intrigued to know what the most common home care services tend to be, below we have looked into these in more detail. 

Domiciliary care 

Whilst ‘domiciliary care’ covers a range of home care services that are all used to support people who live independently in their own homes, some of these services are more popular than others. It is quite common for elderly people to use domiciliary care services to assist with things like household tasks and meal preparation, and this helps them to ensure that their house is safe for them to live in and that they remain physically healthy when living at home.

Personal care

As the name suggests, this home care service is designed to help with personal tasks. Many elderly people find that they require support with things like; getting dressed, washing, going to the toilet and maintaining their appearance. Personal care is always provided in a way that upholds an elderly person’s dignity and it will be both respectful and discreet. Often, this hands-on care is inclusive of managing and administering medication if required as well. 

Companionship care 

The companionship home care services provided are incredibly popular, especially amongst elderly people who live by themselves. This type of care covers everything from having a cup of tea with someone to helping them attend social events, and it is incredibly effective in preventing loneliness. When compared to other elderly care services, companionship care doesn’t feel like a traditional ‘care’ service, yet it has a huge impact on health and wellbeing. 

Respite care 

For those whose family members or friends are their main caregivers, respite care is something that is frequently used. This home care service is temporary and incredibly versatile, and it is specifically designed to help both part-time and full-time caregivers. Respite care covers domiciliary, personal and companionship care whenever a caregiver requires a break or is unable to provide the support that an elderly person needs for a predetermined amount of time.  

Live-in care 

This type of care is also fairly self-explanatory and live-in care provides around the clock support, helping an elderly person not only during the day but also overnight. Uniquely, live-in care prevents people from having to manage by themselves ‘out of hours’, so to speak and again, is all-inclusive of domiciliary, personal and companionship care. This home care service tends to be more comprehensive than the other services available offering a lot of support.

Arranging home care services in Manchester

Hopefully, if you’re wondering what home care services elderly people tend to require when wanting to remain living independently in their own homes, the information above will be beneficial. Taking all of these different services into consideration when designing a personalised care plan can help you to ensure that the finalised care plan is perfect for your loved one’s individual needs at this moment in time. 

When you’re wanting to arrange high-quality home care services in Manchester, be sure to contact us here at Care Captains. We provide a comprehensive home care brokerage service whereby we can manage your loved one’s care for you. We have many years of experience providing guidance and support to those who are looking for quality home care in Manchester and we can help you to ensure that you’re arranging the right type of care at the right time and that this care is being delivered by the best possible care provider. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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